Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bake #13: Jenny Bakes Triple Citrus Cupcakes

A wonderful trinity: lemon, lime and orange. There wasn't any particular fruit that overpowered the rest, but the blend of these three together packs so much more punch than just using a single flavor! Now can someone explain the Science behind? Never mind.......

I only made a third of the portion since there weren't any parties, meet-ups nor much happening this weekend. It yielded a dozen cupcakes, almost half of which D and I devoured within the first hour, sans any glaze! Well, eating those without the glaze should be healthier, I pressume and I second Tina's theory on Vitamin C dosage! Guilt-less cupcake (almost!). Just like Tina, I also added some lemon-orange juice into the batter. The cake has tight crumbs, akin to a loaf or pound cake as opposed to, say, sponge cake. I'd have preferred it to have a lighter texture though, but the fresh citrusy flavors made up for the slightly-heavy texture. Welcome Spring!


tina_bakes said...

your cupcakes look very aromatic!! it's like i can smell the citrus from here!! don't you just love the citrus sisters?? ;-)

you're right about the texture of the cake.. i just couldn't find the correct words to describe them!! hehe

jenny_bakes said...

I love citrus so much so that I throw them into my garbage disposer to get rid of the stench! :-)
I like the flavors of the cupcakes, just wished the cake had lighter, "airier" textures. Then again, that's my preference. Can't wait to do Dorie's recipes. Let's start soon, ok?

tina_bakes said...

yes... the texture was 'tight'... but the flavors made up for it. can't wait to do Dorie with you!!