Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bake #10: Tina bakes Coconut Cupcakes

Just for the photo shoot, I frosted three cupcakes out of the 15 I made (halved the recipe as usual!). Truth of the matter is, these cupcakes are soooo good, they don't need any frosting!! In fact, I think the cream cheese frosting (had some left-over from the carrot cake I baked over the weekend) is a bit too much for these already moist and rich in flavour cupcakes. (Jen, I think it must be the over-beating in your case, but please try it again... I promise you'll love it!!)

Instead of the shredded coconuts, I used dessicated ones. I also substituted coconut milk with low-fat milk, just like Jenny. They taste awesome!!

And... oh wow!! what d'ya know, we're into bake #11 already this weekend!!


jenny_bakes said...

Heavenly puffs! Reminds me of white, so fluffy and the delicate dessicated coconut toppings are like tiny snow flakes! Your cupcakes look yummy!
Definitely the over beating on my part although I do love its flavors. I'll make them a wedding cake form!
Glad you liked it. So I broke my long streak of lousy picks :-)

jenny_bakes said...

And oh, what lovely photo styling?!! I love the way the whitey-white cupcakes stand out against the light pink plate (tray? table-top?). Coincidently, I bought myself a square rose platter just this morning......looks similar to the one in your backdrop. Hmm....should we make something pink next?? :-)

redha said...

masyallah,gorgeous nya : ) boleh share recipe ni?love the dessicated coconut tu.macam snow.i really want to bake something tonight inspiring.

tina_bakes said...

jen, yes!! snowflakes it reminds me of too!! yeah, dessicated coconuts as i just can't find shredded coconuts... i think they work well in the batter. btw, what do you mean long streak of lousy pick? hey! it was just that one time pretentious mocha cupcakes hahaha (pretentious = look good but taste no good) :)

you like the photo? not much of styling done... in fact i was frustrated as i lack the right camera, props and good natural light!! just had to do with what little creativity that i have and grabbed the rose-motive pink trivet i received as a gift (still in the kitchen cupboard!) some time ago. i'm sure you've noticed that my photo angles are similar each week :)

p/s: these cupcakes are so good, had to control myself and stopped at just two.... for now!! haha

tina_bakes said...

hello redha@annie!! good to see you here :)

there's no official link from martha for this recipe but here's a link from a blogger who has typed the recipe from the ebook out:

this is a simple recipe which you'll love. don't bother with the frosting... it's good as is. happy baking and take photos ya!! nice to have you baking along!! :)

jenny_bakes said...

Tina, you don't need fancy-schmancy camera or props. Your creative juices will get you very, very far!
I also feel like I've plateau'd lately. Need some inspiration on styling and photoshots.....maybe we should just do a black-white or sepia photos for the entire month of April. Uninspired....*sigh*

By the way, the intro post to this bake (posted 30th March) has the link to the recipe.

tina_bakes said...

jenny, i came back here to the post the official martha link to this recipe as posted by you earlier!!

redha, pls go here
and click on coconut cupcakes :)

sephia/b&w photos!! that's a great idea!! will see how they turn out :)

tina_bakes said...

jen & redha... i just had one more of these cupcakes for lunch... worth every calorie!! (mine came to about 148 cals each small cupcake w/out frosting!!)

jenny_bakes said...

I'd have to eat half of mine to get the same cal! Oops, too late!!
Hahaha! How much calories is air? I have to control my breathing...... :-)

Shahieda said...

Tina, I'd love to try this recipe as I love everything containing coconut. Have you substituted the desiccated coconut for the shredded coconut precisely?? Since the shredded coconut is sweeter, did you add more sugar to your recipe??

tina_bakes said...

Salam Shahieda! yes, I used dessicated coconuts and DID NOT add more sugar... i didn't think it was necessary and I was right!! you won't miss the sweetness with dessicated coconuts. hope you'll try this and enjoy it :)