Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Things First

There're loads of baking-blogging groups out there.  Yes, we know baking groups are so 2009! They also have tons of rules governing their blogs. Rules!? What rules? Why do we need rules when all we want to do is to bake, then show-off share our bakes with other members?

Tina and I agree to make this fun for all. The only governing rule we hold to here is FRIENDSHIP, upholding the basic principles of good, acceptable behavior amongst true and sincere friends! 

Has everyone watched the famous 90s sitcom, FRIENDS? Well, think of this as a group of friends, just like the series FRIENDS, this blog is the Central Perk Coffee House where all good friends can come in for a cuppa, stay for a chat and return for encouragement! Tina is Ross, I am Monica (uh-oh) and we're looking for the Chandlers, Joeys, Phoebes and many more Rosses and Monicas to share the common love for baking!

So just because I'm the Monica according to this (and you should try the quiz too!), there're several things to point out to get this thing rolling:

  • For a start, we will bake from Martha Stewart's CUPCAKES book. While we do not require every member to own this book, it certainly will be very very helpful to have it handy for your own reference. We will be baking from other well-known books, baking book authors and great recipes as well in future, but, baby-steps first!
  • We do, however, require that each member has their own blog to post and share the experiences from their bakes as we go along. If you do not have a blog, now may be a great time to start. Here're the link to blogger, but there're many other free blog services out there that are equally good (WordPress, Typepad, etc)
  • There will be recipe rotation. If it's your turn to host, i.e select the recipe for the week, you will need to bake from the recipe you've selected then share the results on your blog. The rest of the members will just bake along and share the results on their blogs, or may choose to skip that week. We understand everyone has hectic schedules and sometimes, conflicting priorities; you can skip certain weeks but we do require that at minimum, you bake along at least once in any given calendar month, for example, there're 4 weekends in February and if you skipped weeks 1-3, you need to bake in week 4). We appreciate your active participation to make this a success!
  • We bake during the weekends and all posts must be up by end-of the work-week, i.e end-of-day Friday.
  • We all don't want to put on weight from this so please feel free to reduce the recipe portions; we will post some Q&A and helpful tips prior to each bake.
  • To become part of FriendsWhoBake, please send an email with your name, name of your blog along with the URL to FriendsWhoBake at gmail dot com (
What else? I did say we don't want to be governed by bothersome rules, did I? So here's the preliminary recipe rotation:

Week 3: Blueberries an Cream Cupcakes (page 42) - picked by Tina
Week 4: Red Velvet Cupcakes (page 30) - picked by Jenny

Week 1: Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes (page 114) - picked by Tina
Week 2: Lemon Meyer Cupcakes (page 121) - picked by Jenny
Week 3: Strawberry-Jam Tea Cakes (page 117) - picked by Tina
Week 4: TBD

Can't wait to bake with all!

Tina & Jenny