Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bake #10: Jenny bakes Coconut Cupcakes

The fact that we've delayed this bake by a week and the fact that it happens to be Easter weekend couldn't have made this a more perfect pick. However, I'm still on the fence about this one......

The cake was scrumptious hot off the oven - great coconuty flavor, soft cakey texture, nicely domed although not overly know, all the elements of a solidly good cake. I left those babies alone, headed off to the gym and when I got back and took another taste-test, I was simply bewildered at how the texture had turned "springy" and could it even felt somewhat dry?! Or was it the fatigue kicking in from my gym workout? Quick shower, then another bite.........nope, still springy and I definitely wasn't hallucinating! Fortunately I halved the portion and had about a dozen cupcakes so regardless of the texture, I decided to frost them anyway. I went with a cream-cheese frosting instead of the Swiss meringue. I also omitted the fatty coconut milk and used regular milk instead but supplemented with coconut extract to make up for the flavor.
I love the flavors but am not entirely crazy about the texture. It could very well be just over-mixing on my part; come to think of it, in the midst of watching TV multi-tasking, I did leave the mixer on a minute or so longer than I normally would after adding the eggs. That must be it!
I'm still not giving up on Coconut Cake. This is what I'd like to make one day:

but for now, here's what we'll be eating for dessert tonight
Unfortunately the jury's still out on this one. Let's see how yours turn out; let me know, will you?


tina_bakes said...

jen, the cupcakes look so pretty!! what do you mean by springy? is that the same as spongy?? ok, lemme bake it tonight and see how it turns out ya...

p/s: as usual, i lurrve your photos!!

jenny_bakes said...

Soft sponge is still ok but this one is "springy".....more like chewy. I think the over-mixing could be one reason; the other must be the shredded coconut which the recipe said to grind but of course I didn't bother plus I thought it'd be good to get some texture into the cake. Oh well.....
The cake seems better today though. I guess I'm just hungry? How did yours turn out? One day, I wanna make one of those high-tiered killer Coconut cake. Who's getting married next???