Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bake #12: Tina bakes Strawberry Cupcakes

When I found out Jenny picked strawberry cupcakes for last week's bake, I was delighted. I love strawberries in jam, ice-cream, yogurt and such. And strawberry cupcakes? Must be yummy.

Here in Malaysia where I live, we get our strawberries all year round from Cameron Highlands, a favorite retreat for locals in search of a cooler climate. If I may digress, I love Cameron Highlands for its quaint little English-inspired cottages, a legacy left by the British during their occupation.

This picture below is of a pretty little chalet we stayed in during out last visit almost 3 years ago. (now I feel like going back!)

And this picture below is of my daughter and her fresh strawberries-topped ice-cream during our last visit.

Now back to the real reason for this post :) Except for the chopped strawberries, this recipe is very basic - no extra ingredients like sourcream or creamcheese in the batter which always make cakes extra special (for me, that is). And so I did not expect anything spectacular, so to speak.

And if Jenny confessed that SHE HATES MAKING MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM, I would like to confess that I HATE MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM!! I do. I really do. And so I had my cupcake without the frosting :) I actually had a small piece of cupcake right after it got out of the oven and was dissapointed that it tasted... like Jenny put it - bland.
However, I had another unfrosted one for breakfast the next day and was delightfully suprised that the cake was very very moist and somehow not so bland anymore. Yes, yes... cake always taste better on the second day!!
On another note, I enjoyed frosting these cupcakes. They look so pretty in pink!! I was also pleased that friends and family whom I shared these cupcakes with liked them and did not have any issues with the swiss meringue buttercream like I did :)

IF I ever make these again, I will top them with whipped cream instead!!


jenny_bakes said...

Your Swiss meringue turned out exactly the way it should!! I'm soooo envious!
Oh, they are really pretty cupcakes....with strawberry "wings"! So lovely. That's perfect for afternoon tea chez Tina, ey?! C'mon, what are you waiting for?? Hey, let's Skpe - got some news to share.

tina_bakes said...

I'm logged on!

Wiz said...

The cupcakes looked like they were about to fly! Beautiful. I am not a fan of strawberry cupcakes though, I like strawberries as they are, only with cream or perhaps dipped in chocolate.

On another note, best ker Bala's place tu? Many have complained about how unfriendly they are. I was there once to check the place out and telah dihalau oleh staff mereka sebab I didn't have any reservations.

tina_bakes said...

Hey, Wiz... good to see you here!!

OMG Wiz!! the staff was friendly and our stay was very very pleasant - tak ada yg tak kena. what a pity you kena halau... I highly recommend again and it would be the place for me when in Camerons...