Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bake #13 Tina bakes Triple-Citrus Cupcakes

Just look at the gorgeous colors of the fruits!! Lovely indeed!!

I love citrus. I favor them in my tea, as fresh juices and in my cooking. I find every chance I get to include Kaffir lime leaves in my cooking. And cakes with lemon zest always appeal to me. Imagine a recipe which calls for zest of THREE citrus fruits. Now how can I pass that one!!

I've made cakes with lemon and orange zest before, but never lime. The sweet and zesty aroma of the oranges, lemon and lime filled up the kitchen wonderfully!!

I made a little more than two-thirds of the recipe for fear of having too much cake but regretted not making the whole batch to have more to give to friends and family!!

The recipe calls for 9 eggs ( I used 7) but these cupcakes were not eggy. They are moist and a little dense with bits of citrus zest that makes every bite a pleasant experience. As I like my citrus glaze to be thick (which requires more icing sugar), I halved the amount of sugar in the batter. I also added about two tablespoons of lemon juice in the batter, to increase the citrussy taste.

My kids absolutely love this cake and were fighting over the last piece. You could they had no problems getting their dose of Vitamin C this weekend :-)


Casey said...

Those look beautiful! Can't wait to try them myself!

Jencrafted said...

Tina, those citrus cupcakes look heavenly!! Love the triple dose of citrus too and also added some lemon-orange juice into the batter! Now, great minds think alike or what?
And the photos are excellent! Wonderful, wonderful pictures! The second shot - is that the cover of your new book?! :-) LOVE IT! Watermark it, then send to me. I'm starting a wall-of-bakes, posting my of my bakes...and I will include some from our FWB, ok?
Hey, on another note, if you have simple recipes (cooking, not baking) using Kaffir lime, do let me know. Our kaffir lime tree is so "healthy" the way, what can you do with its fruits? I only use the leaves so far.....

Jencrafted said...

Oh, I must commend on the first photo....lovely hands....:-)

tina_bakes said...

Hi there Casey!! it's nice to have you here and thanks for dropping a comment!!

If you like citrus flavors... you'll love this cake.. and do add some citrus juice in the batter for that added zing!!

tina_bakes said...

oh... thank you for the compliment on the photos!! i was getting frustrated with getting the right angle and not repeating the same styling each week!! i need to sign up for food styling+photography 101 ;-) actually i WANT too!!

yeah, i only use Kaffir lime leaves..never the fruit... will share with you one of these days if i find some unusual recipes with its usage (apart from the usual tom yum, thai inspired soups, stir-fried chicken, assam pedas etc)

p/s: thanks for the compliment on the hands too haha

jenny_bakes said...

Don't think you need photo styling are talented, girl. Just flood your mind with good images and don't visit blogs with lousy pictures! Heheheh......On a serious note, it does help if you only look at nice food photos, like those on magazines or award-winning blogs. You will be positively influenced and will develop your own style eventually.