Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bake #8: Tina Bakes Mocha Cupcakes

I have never met a cupcake I did not want to eat until I baked this. Sounds too harsh, huh??
Jen, don't feel bad - I think it's the recipe (can it really be, coming from Martha?) Anyone out there who have tried this recipe and absolutely love it, please please let us know how you did it!!

Like Jen said, the cake did not taste awful, but lack that moist, cake feel to it. I don't know how to explain it in English, but in Malay (Malay Language) it's called bantat (pronounced bun-tut). And bantat is not goood :) it means that the cake failed to rise to its potential. To put it short, it's a FLOP!! :( I am not putting the entire blame on the recipe. Honestly, it could very well be just me.. I guess I'll never know as I shall never attempt this cake again :)

On the other hand, I had fun making the meringue. Yes, it's Italian meringue and supposedly the most difficult meringue to make of all meringues. Fun in making does not equate to fun in eating, though. It tastes a bit like soft marshmallows to me.. not that that is bad.. just not as a cake frosting. That's just how I feel.

I enjoyed slathering the cupcakes with the luscious meringue!

I halved the recipe and got 13 cupcakes. My daughter took a bite and kept the remaining in the fridge. I tried the first cupcake that came out of the oven - half of it. Tasted the meringue a little and that was it. That's quite rare for moi, the cake-lover :)

I feel somewhat bad about my intention to bring it to the office tomorrow. But I'm bringing them anyways haha... cake testers need to taste the good... and the bad!! (verdict by office testers: meringue tastes too eggy, cake moist but bantat, no one was crazy over it, basically!! and one commented that it doesn't taste like something Tina baked!! :)

Let's hope our next choice of bake makes up for this!! and if it doesn't, there's always another one to pick the next week!!
Keep on baking!!


jenny_bakes said...

I feel bad that you had to go through this.........hey, wait a minute! Now we have a bone to pick with Martha when we meet her! :-)
Your meringue topping looks perfect! Right consistency and the peaks stand, unlike the droopy ones on mine! So all's not lost! Look at it this way - you had the first try in making Italian meringue - any accomplished baker should have all those 3 types of meringue under their belts! - and you succeeded the first time! Celebrate!!! Hehehe.....does that get me off the hook for the lousy pick now?!!
Bake on!!

P.S Thanks for teaching me a new Malay word. I've never come across that word in my whole life!! Now that's rather disturbing.......;-)

tina_bakes said...

yes, Jen... at least this bake allowed me to try out making my first ever meringue... and I think I succeeded (from the way it looks).. not sure about the taste, though!! Again... not your fault!! I think we were expecting a great coffee cake out of this, I mean come on... MOCHA CUPCAKES?? sounds delish, right??

bantat... for the sake of non-Malay speakers it's bun-tut, but try pronouncing bun-tut as you would in Malay!! hahahaha.. oooppsss

jenny_bakes said...

Now I'm it ban-tat as in tart or ban-tut as in Tuthankhamun?? It means "blah", right? Just blah......

tina_bakes said...

it's bantat, pronounced like bantal (pillow) but with a 't' at the end :)

jenny_bakes said...

The more I look at your Mocha cupcake photos, the more I like them. Don't ask me why....there's just something about the way the meringue peaks, then folds down ever so's just aesthetically pleasing. I thought about it - I think we should tweak this until we get a great Mocha cupcake it a challenge or whatever - we can even claim bonafide credit, mind you! We then send the new, improved recipe to Martha for her to include in her next print! What say you? :-)

tina_bakes said...

i wish the cake tastes as good as it looks!! i have an idea.. why don't YOU tweak the recipe and share it with me...:) i KNOW you can do it!! go Jen!!

ps: talking bout making things right, do you think substituting sour cream for buttermilk in RVC will work??

jenny_bakes said...

Hahaha, good one Tina. Lemme think about it....right now I've got bigger fish to fry, as in, I need to limit my FB friends to only certain number......I'm over by 2!! :-)
I think sour cream would definitely work. Or yoghurt - not the Greek yoghurt though. Hard to find buttermilk there or you don't like its flavor? If it's the former, homemade = 1 part whole milk + 1 part acid (lemon juice or even vinegar) and let it sit for ~1 hour. You already knew that I'm sure!!