Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bake #7: Tina Bakes Streusel Cupcakes

And that's dedicated to you, Jen!! :)
I wanted to make a full-bodied kopi kampung (traditional Malaysian coffee, literally translated as village coffee) but I am not a regular coffee drinker and thus have none at home!! What a pity as this cake would be perfect with a cup of kopi kampung cap Hang Tuah (Hang Tuah brand), my fav type of coffee of all time!! Starbucks just ain't for me :)

Now, is this a cupcake or a muffin? What's the difference anyway, does anyone know? Cupcake or muffin, this is a good breakfast/coffee cake nevertheless. It's not sweet, thus you'd feel less guilty consuming it as compared to indulging in a sugar-frosted 'cupcake'. I like!! :) But I'm somewhat dissapointed that my streusel did not 'brown' as nicely as Martha's...

By the way, I had way too many streusels left - more than half of what I made - how about you?

I can't wait to enjoy a full cupcake, all to myself, accompanied by my fav breakfast beverage tomorrow morning (my two daughters and I shared the first cupcake that came out of the oven!!) and I can't wait to share these with the folks at the office too - my loyal cake testers!! The kiddoes will be bringing some to school as well, but I'm wondering if the kids will like this cake... I somehow think that this is an 'adult' cake. Well, I hope they do!!
Looking forward to our bake #8 (already?? yeay!!). What's it gonna be, Jen??


jenny_bakes said...

Tina, you're such a teaser! You're tempting me with that local coffee! I so miss that strong aroma of that black coffee.....and drinking it from a bag - complete with straw and little knot at the corner with looped plastic string to hold it!
Your streusel cupcakes look just like the ones they have here!! Perfect amount of streusel, so not as crumbly as mine - I overdid the toppings, as usual.
Aside from the different-sized pans (muffin pans here are larger than that of cupcakes), according to Dorie (ahem, ahem) muffins are members of the Quick Bread family, just like scones, tea loaves, coffee cakes-they get that "quick lift" from baking powder, as opposed to yeast, which is the leavening used for traditional breads. Cupcakes? It's just the mini-me of a cake, I guess. And cupcakes usually have frosting....ah, you the prof. cake decorator should be very familiar with this!! And that's the only thing I know about cupcakes vs. muffins. Anyone care to enlighten us, please?

P.S Where did you get that plate (first picture)? I love it!

jenny_bakes said...

And Tina, that third picture.....perfect! Perfect for a cake catalogue. Are you taking overseas order?! :-) That's probably what our ex-admin would order for our lunch or afternoon meetings!!

tina_bakes said...

I knew you're there!! I can feel it!! heheh

oh, thanks for the explanation.. extend my thanks to your friend Ms. Greenspan too when you talk to her (ahem, ahem)

I HAVE NOT had coffee in that little plastic bag with the pink tali rafia tied to it... maybe I should tomorrow and take a picture just for you!! :)

p/s: you really wanna know where I got that plate from?? from a real cheesy home deco store (really cheesy, you know)... but i like going there!! (i must be cheesy haha)... what i like apart from the cheesy and corny stuff is that they have quirky plates such as those and they're REALLY cheap!! Wal-mart & K-Mart can't beat their prices, lemme tell you!! I bought that plate for RM1.90!! yes, satu ringgit sembilan puluh sen, ok??

about overseas order, would you like to be my first customer?? ;-)

jenny_bakes said...

YES, I'm here!! You can feel me lurking around......creepy.
Oh please, please do buy that coffee-in-a-bag and take a picture for me! Complete with pose and all, yeah?!
I love cheesy stuffs. I can't wait to go back and shop at those cheesy places. RM 1.90....that's around enam puluh US sen?!! And how to your say "good deal" in BM????
I'll be your first customer, but not the last! Send me the catalogue! In all seriousness, what is your cake website?
P.S - that reminds me I gotta check out the other one you sent. Buzy, buzy crisis. Couldn't find black fondant.....urrrgh....
Sleep tight!