Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bake #6: Jenny Bakes Raspberry Marble Cheesecakes

This is my best Martha's bake EVER! Well, right behind the RVC, and probably the Meyer Lemon Cupcakes and oh, the BCBP was also fantastic!! Hmmm......I guess I'm just fickle-minded. Indecisiveness - isn't that a common problem? Or is it just me?!?

I made the full portion of the recipe for our Chinese New Year party. The cheesecake was lusciously creamy, slightly tangy (I did substitute some of the creamcheese with mascaporne cheese so perhaps mine was less tangy) against the buttery nuttiness of the crust (I did add extra pinch of salt to further enhance its flavor). I absolutely adore the raspberry coulis - not so much for its taste but more for the aesthetics. I spent a little more time that I should in making those swirls: heart shapes

some sort of grapevine-cum-fleur-de-lys motive:

Ooh, love those marbly swirls!
If it's peak raspberry season in your part of the world, go for pure raspberry coulis. Else, substituting with other berries, or even alternatives like jam and raspberry syrup will do. You really just need few droplets per cupcake so no point laboring over perfectly-pureed berries (can you tell I'm quite lazy?!)

Love this recipe and it's now on Jen's Hall-Of-Fame Bake list!


tina_bakes said...

love those swirls!! i am very sure your party guests were very appreciative :) just too bad i wasn't one of them!!

P/s: did you bake this on a hot water bath as suggested?

Kitchen Guardian said...

oh! i must get raspberry today and get going....drool drool!

jenny_bakes said...

Tina, I did use hot water bath. My guests had too much to eat that evening - I think I overdid the food, so there were leftovers for D to bring to work yesterday. You need to visit us the next CNY, or whenever!!
KG, if you like cheesecakes, you'll love this recipe! We love it that there're others who are baking along!!