Monday, March 15, 2010

Bake #8: Jenny Bakes Mocha Cupcakes

I'm afraid this is it. This is the bake. The bake that has "done me in"! We've had such a streak of great picks  the past couple months and then I had to pick this one!

There's nothing wrong with the taste - it has enough caffeine to keep one awake throughout the day, I suppose. WARNING: probably not suitable for kids (unless your kids are like me; yours truly got hooked on Nescafe even before I turned 7!) Coffee is my vice. Although I've stopped my Starbucks habit,  I've picked up another worse habit of downing Nespressos like nobody's business! And those capsules aren't decaf ones, mind you. Suffice to say my mocha cupcakes didn't lack any coffee flavor. But what it did lack was the soft moist texture that I was expecting in a cupcake. The portion of the leavening was a tad too much, resulting in a baking soda aftertaste. Not what I had expected at all. Whether there was a problem with the recipe or my execution, I was just terribly disappointed with the results and even contemplated to not bother with the frosting, which is in and of itself a lot of work!
Commitment. Follow through, follow through, follow through......the resolution I had made for 2010 got the better of me.
So here's my Mocha cupcake complete with Martha's 7-minute frosting (which is really an Italian meringue).
Well, you live and you learn!


tina_bakes said...

so, the cake isn't great huh? hmmmm... i should reduce the amount of baking soda then!! and the meringue... not looking forward to 'a lot of work'!! but... i'll follow through too and see how it goes!!

so what happened to the rest of the cupcakes? D brought them to work??

ps: maybe i should just make a third of the recipe

jenny_bakes said...

I reduced the portion and got a dozen cupcakes; one went to a little 6-yr old b'day boy ( yeah, I bet he must be super hyper after that!), I ate couple and the rest still sitting on the counter. Bummer. I won't hold it against you if you don't want to do this one! I can't wait for the oatmeal raisin ones! But hey, enough already- open that bakery NOW!!

tina_bakes said...

just went through the recipe again... the meringue sounds tedious.. i don't have that clip temperature thingy!! i tell you what.. will just go ahead and try it anyways.. even if it turns out to be a disaster, at least i can say i've tried!! REMEMBER: we're doing this for fun... no stressing out, ok??

btw your meringue looks good!! i wonder how mine will turn out, if they ever!! ;)

jenny_bakes said...

It's all for fun and yes, stress-free!! You're so great with buttercream; you will do just fine with meringue. C'mon, you did that gorgeous wedding cake!! BTW, I do not have a candy thermometer either. Just do the soft-ball cold water test - it's easy.

tina_bakes said...

waaaahhhh... what is a 'soft-ball cold water test'???? HELP!!